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Sanity test
Sanity test

Take this test to find out if your insane!

These are yes or no questions,keep count of how many times you say 'YES',because this will determine how sane you are.

1.Do you think you are insane?
2.Do you think other people think your insane?
3.Do you concider most of the people you know to be insane?
4.Have you ever been admitted to a mental health institution?
5.Do you hear voices?
6.If you do hear voices,do you talk back to them?
7.Do you like to see things burn?
8.Do you laugh when someone is in pain?
9.Do you give yourself pain?
10.Have you ever tied someones laces together?
11.Have you ever watched a film more than 10 times?
12.Have you ever made funny noises in public?
13.Do you sometimes have very violent urges?
14.Do you sometimes set fire to people or animals just to watch them burn?
15.Have you ever set fire to ants with a magnifying glass?
16.Do you check under your bed for monsters before you go to sleep?
17.Are two or more people living in your body?
18.Do you believe killing is pretty cool?
19.Are you worried about the result of this test?
20.Do you often find yourself talking to objects?

Please remember that this test is just for fun,it is not a real test of sanity,so dont take it seriously!